Student Voice - Wellbeing - Enhanced Learning

School Day Wellbeing solution gives students a voice.

It creates a sense of belonging and enhances school engagement.

Enhanced wellbeing enables more effective learning.

School Day Wellbeing Model

Our AI-backed solution measures, analyzes, explains and develops student wellbeing in five categories and 28 phenomena. Students react on statements ranging from their learning environment to social and emotional skills. In the image below you can find all the wellbeing phenomena that are included in our model and if you hover your mouse over the image you will find an example for each.

School Day Wellbeing Model has been developed together with experienced educators and top educational scientists. Our model relies on recent research and we keep developing it in cooperation with schools around the world also in the future. We meet regularly with a research team led by Professor Katariina Salmela-Aro from the University of Helsinki to update our model and discuss its contents.

Our model relies heavily on the OECD model of student wellbeing, especially the last category concerning social and emotional skills. The other four categories are based on research done by Anne Konu (PhD) at Tampere University. She is the developer of the School Wellbeing Model and co-developer of the Wellbeing Profile, a global, research-based evaluation tool for schools, which has been in active use since 2004. Her model has also been developed with the help of OECD guidelines.
Our mission is to support student wellbeing and school leadership, provide school staff with insights into their students' wellbeing, and help them make pedagogical decisions and enhance learning results.
We believe that giving students a voice increases wellbeing and decreases bullying in schools. Wellbeing enhances student engagement and learning results.
Read more about the structure of the model:
Read more about how wellbeing affects learning:

News & Blog

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It is a pleasure to write about student wellbeing when there is something positive to report, and now there is! The wellbeing of middle school students has improved in many ways during the last ten years. This was discovered in a longitudinal study (...

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