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School Day’s wellbeing questions provide a channel and voice for holistic student and teacher wellbeing.

All our questions are based on long-term Finnish research on school wellbeing and comprehensively cover different aspects of holistic wellbeing.

Our service is grounded on research-based question contents, but for us it’s important that schools can also to include their own survey questions as well.

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Safe and engaging way to communicate!

Each discussion group has at least one staff member which makes Chat a safe and school-driven tool for communication. Chat only works for School Day users, so no third parties have access to Chat rooms. Staff members do not need to be actively involved in the discussions, but always have access and can view the history of any discussion that take place.

The information stored in the message threads is owned by the service subscriber, for example a district or school, so the class threads are under the control of the subscriber.

Chat is a great tool to be used in lessons and projects as teachers can create discussion groups. This allows teachers to follow how students are discussing and exchanging their ideas when it comes to collaborative learning.

In addition to text, discussion groups can share pictures, videos, and other media.

School Day Chat is the official and supervised communication tool of the school, which, in addition to facilitating everyday life, can create a sense of belonging and lead to better wellbeing.

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Application notifications support the user by displaying unanswered questions and messages. This allows staff and students to be up to date with their development.

Users can define the notification settings him- or herself so that everyone can find their own user-friendly way to use the application.

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Wellbeing-related news and insights!

Schools can share wellbeing-related news and announcements here. Supports and enhances community spirit and positive atmosphere throughout the school community.

Students and teachers will also see weekly wellbeing summaries and insights here.

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Brings gamification to the application. By using the App, students can accumulate points for the class and for themselves.

Points are accrued by answering wellbeing questions and reading messages on the channel. Collecting points encourages the use of the wellbeing application, thus increasing the group's cohesion.

The application has a maximum number of points per day that the user can collect, so that the collection of points does not become the focus.

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There are many ways to log in to the application. Accounts can be created for the service or existing sign in such as O365 logins, or like, can be used to identify users.

Users can also setup an easy-to-remember PIN code to log in to the application quickly. This feature is especially useful if the service is used with shared devices.



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When data is properly presented, different trends are easily visible. School wellbeing KPI’s, insights and trends visible and available in an instant.

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When data is clearly visualized and available, trends can be led into predictive foresights. Predictability provides a clear basis for knowledge management and a sound basis for decisions making.

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School Day is continuously developing machine learning to interpret wellbeing data better and more precisely. Our AI engine allows faster processing of big data sets to find the essential information.  


Teacher tools
Slow phenomena
Multi-variable phenomena
More data

Decision support

ldentifying known phenomena
Discovering new phenomena
Solution models and suggestions
Effectivity tracking
Multiple levels af decision making

School Day's AI initiative


Time saving
Faster data processing
Data handling capacity
Automated reporting
Adjustability ta environment


Supportive feedback
Student voice
Raising issues
Sense af belonging
Lesson plans

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School wellbeing has been studied and researched in Finland for several years and several phenomena are known, such as motivation or fatigue. Such phenomena can also be considered as key school indicators. We make known phenomena visible, but at the same time we are working with researchers to find new ones as well.





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What if you could intervene in emerging phenomena earlier than before? With continuously available wellbeing data, it’s also possible to focus on specific moments. Early interventions become easier and more effective.


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The service is easily managed through a web-based admin too. Here you can manage all key features of the service, such as question schedules, communication and user ID’s.

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User authentication can also be done centralized. In this case authentication happens with the same user ID’s as with other school IT systems.

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User management is easy - just add the desired users and set additional permissions for people to manage stream messages etc.


School information

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Student information systems include a vast amount of data. Much of this information is left unused when data integration and reporting is a hassle. 

School Day provides an up-to-date, visual and easy-to-use solution to track and analyze key student information such as grader, attendence and lesson markings.

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Our solution retrieves specified information from the school information system daily. That way, you have the latest information constantly available.

School Day provides a powerful everyday tool for both educators, school leaders, school social service workers and district leaders. 

This information can be used for many purposes such as teacher meetings, statistics, financial monitoring, or even parental meetings.

Our easy-to-use service works on any device and data can easily be downloaded and processed.

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We know that the Finnish education system world class, engaging and focuses on the individual. We also strive for this in our service. We have created dedicated dashboards for K12 and vocational education.

In K12 we provide for example data number of students, grades and absences. For vocational clients, we focus on students’ academic progress and grades.

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Schools using School Day’s Wellbeing -solution can their analytics by combining both student information system and wellbeing data.

Want to see more?

You can now book an online demo of our solution. Pick a time most suitable for you and learn more how we can help in school wellbeing!