Making school wellbeing phenomena visible
and removing all barriers from learning.
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School Day provides a comprehensive service to monitor and improve school wellbeing. The service provides a safe and easy-to-use platform to determine how everyone is feeling right now.

Schools can use the data for determining and enhancing the wellbeing of a class or a group as well as the whole school community.

The service can also be enriched with other data sources, such as grades, absences, lesson markings from student information systems (SIS) and sensor data offered by our partner companies.

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Students and teachers have an opportunity to respond to wellbeing questions once or even twice a day. This enables continuous and reliable data on holistic school wellbeing. All our questions are research and evidence based.

Individuals can follow personal, group or class level wellbeing directly from the application. More comprehensive data and insights are provided for teachers and school leaders in our online reporting service.

Our service safely analyses responses and each group or class receives weekly wellbeing summaries directly in the application. Our wellbeing app also provides tips and encouraging feedback for personal wellbeing.

Our comprehensive material bank (HUB) offers ready-made packages designed for schools and teachers to handle various phenomena, tips and good practices in school wellbeing. 

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Learning doesn't happen without wellbeing. 

Wellbeing is the foundation for learning. Learning is continuously assessed and evaluated, but enabling factors are often neglected. 

Research shows how place and time have an impact on wellbeing, motivation and learning. Our service is designed for longer term wellbeing analytics, but it can also be used to monitor changes in school conditions in the short term. 


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We are continuously developing richer content and fun features. We’ll keep you updated on these on our website and in our regular Newsletter.

Our upcoming Spring 2019 release will include a safe Chat functionality for schools. Chat groups can include messages, pictures and other media sources. School Day’s Chat is designed safety first and each group will include at least one teacher or school staff member.

The purpose of the chat functionality is to provide a shared, safe and abundant environment to discuss and share together. At the same time, shared sense of belonging will improve overall wellbeing. 

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Holistic school wellbeing encompasses the whole school community.

Our app is designed for students and teachers.

Our online service is designed for teachers, staff and school leaders with clear wellbeing insights and KPI’s (key performance indicators).

If your district has multiple schools using the service, school leaders can have a comprehensive view on district-wide wellbeing.

School Day Wellbeing

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Daily wellbeing questions, channel and chat.

Manage the service through a web-based interface.

Wellbeing pulse of your school enriched with absences and grades.

Identify wellbeing trends and phenomena for early intervention.

Based on the latest wellbeing research.

Proven tips and tools for teachers and school leaders.

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