Giving Voice to the Students

School Day Wellbeing Model is a unique AI-based solution for schools.

It analyzes, explains and develops student wellbeing for better learning.

Teachers and school leaders get real-time insights into their students' wellbeing daily.


For Students

  • Students can use a mobile app or a browser on a computer to use School Day Wellbeing.
  • Students respond to wellbeing statements by tapping on icons on the screen twice a day.
  • It takes only a minute and is easy to use.
  • Students get points for answering questions.
  • School Day also has a message channel that send the students insights into their wellbeing as a group.
  • School Day app also sends messages to students advicing them how to improve their wellbeing.
  • Student data is securely stored in a cloud.
  • Schools and districts use student data for developing student wellbeing in their schools.

For Teachers and School Leaders

  • School Day provides teachers and school leaders with daily insights into their students' wellbeing and tips on how to improve the wellbeing in their classrooms.
  • Anonymous, real-time student data is presented in the School Day Insights Solution.
  • School Day data can be combined with other available data from different student information systems.
  • School Day provides unique possibilities for schools and districts to support leadership and make pedagogical decisions.
  • Supporting student wellbeing removes barriers from learning.
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Daily wellbeing questions, channel and chat.

Manage the service through a web-based interface.

Wellbeing pulse of your school enriched with absences and grades.

Identify wellbeing trends and phenomena for early intervention.

Based on the latest wellbeing research.

Proven tips and tools for teachers and school leaders.

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How to Start

Do you want to know how to get started with School Day?

How to Test It

Book an online demo. Pick a suitable time and let's talk more about school wellbeing!


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