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1. Sign Up

Would you like to start using School Day?

School Day @Home trial is available for remote learning at no cost until June 2020. Register here.

If you'd like to set up the whole school or district, please fill in our contact form here. You can also call our Sales Director Sampo Lokki tel. +358407229828 or email him.

After signing up you will get an email message from us with detailed instructions on how to get started.

If you have any questions, please write to



2. Inform Parents and Students

It is a good idea to let your students' families know about School Day. They might be happy to know that your school is focusing on student wellbeing and they might worry about the data safety.

We have drafted ready-made letters to parents, teachers, school leaders and students. You can download them for editing and printing, send them out as email attachments or post them on the school website. You can find them on our Material for Schools page.

There are also short videos with instructions on how to use our service on our Videos page. Many teachers have found it useful to watch them with their students and send links to parents.



3. Use the Service

School Day @Home can be downloaded from Apple App Store (iOS) and from Google Play (Android). Those with Microsoft account can find our app in Teams. Our questions can also be answered on a webpage.

When you register, we will send you your log-in information. Help your students log in the first time they use the service. If there are any problems, please let us know asap. You can reach us via email or the chat on our webpage.

School Day is easy to use, and it will be even easier to start after watching our short video for students. Ask your students to watch it and send the link to the parents. This way there will be more help available, if the students have trouble using the service.


4. Remind Your Students

Students react on a few statements or questions about their wellbeing by tapping on icons on a screen in a mobile app (iOS, Android), web application (any browser) or Teams app twice a day. Answering takes only a couple of seconds and can be done once in every three hours. We recommend writing School Day into your schedules for every morning and afternoon to create a routine and make wellbeing part of every schoolday.

It is important that schools keep reminding their students to answer the questions and give them opportunities to do so. They will be asked only a few questions at a time so it will take a few days to collect enough data for the charts to form.

School Day Wellbeing Model is based on scientific research on student wellbeing and it is designed in Finland by experienced educators and educational scientists, as such our service complies with level 4 in ESSA.

The information collected by the app belongs to the school and is stored safely in a cloud. Depending on the individual access rights, the staff can analyze data on a school level or class level. Data about individual students will not be made available to anyone. 

School Day is certified by iKeepSafe as compliant with FERPA and COPPA and adheres to all U.S. local, state, and federal laws that govern student data. Read more about School Day data privacy here.

5. Get Insights

Our web-based tool School Day Insights lets teachers and school leaders see at one glance how their students are doing in four wellbeing categories LearningSocial Relationships, Social and Emotional Skills, and Wellbeing and the change that has happened from the previous week in each category.

This information is presented in the form of dial charts and each category contains a great deal of information relating to various wellbeing phenomena. For example, if you click on ‘Wellbeing’ you will see the results in phenomena ‘Physical health’, “Mental health’, “Sleep” and “Diet”.

You can find Insights here. Log in with your school account or School Day account. You will be able to look at the data of your own group of students, or if you are a school leader, you can see the data for all students in your school.

Feel free to explore Insights. If you get lost, just click the School Day logo and you’ll be where you started!


6. Discuss Wellbeing

This is the part where we need your help!

Your students make the effort to answer our questions, so you need to show them that their effort is worth while. Discuss the questions, view the data, and tell the students what you have found out. Together brainstorm ways to develop your school. Remind them that your data will change as they work on their wellbeing and remember to visit the app to answer our questions.

We believe that our questions will make your students think about their wellbeing and the wellbeing of others more often. They will want to know what the Insights tell you. Remember to praise them for good achievement, also regarding their wellbeing, and give them tips for enhancing those areas of their wellbeing that need work.

Let's do this together! ❤️