We Support Student Wellbeing and SEL in Remote Learning.

School Day @Home Now Available Through June 2020.

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School Day @Home for Teachers

As the world is impacted by COVID-19, we want to support schools and families around the world.

Inspired by the ways educators foster community beyond the classroom, we have curated a set of research-based School Day @Home questions and built a model to support the wellbeing of students in a remote learning situation.

Support your students' wellbeing, guide their social and emotional development, and stay connected with them even in remote learning. 

  • How are your students feeling about studying remotely?
  • How are your students able to focus on schoolwork remotely?
  • Are your students lonely, stressed or bored?

Our @Home service is now available for all educators and platforms worldwide in English, Finnish and Swedish.

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School Day @Home Available Through June 2020


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