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Wellbeing of Students – How to Support It More Effectively?


Most schools have some tool for measuring student wellbeing. Most often it is a questionnaire given out to the students once or twice a year. The school will find out how many percent of the students feel that they belong and learn, and the results are discussed in a staff meeting. Two or three problem areas are prioritized, and a plan is formed how to tackle them. Next year the same will be done again, maybe with the same or some new findings that require attention.

Wellbeing as the Number One Priority

This is also the idea behind School Day. However, we want to prioritize wellbeing every school day, not just once a year. When students answer our questions and teachers look at their answers every school day, the topic of wellbeing is continuously present, getting the attention it deserves.

Constant Access to Real-Time Data

Imagine noticing from our data that your students feel lonely. Our service suggests that you might want to have the students do more group work, or maybe if you have a chance you could do something fun together outside school. After two weeks you notice that the problem has solved, and students aren't feeling lonely anymore. You can act on real-time problems without a delay. You can also witness the development in real time. If your actions aren't working, you can make quick changes and try something else.

Instant Feedback and Advice

We also want to give instant feedback to students and teachers, showing what progress they have made and what they should concentrate on next. Our app offers advice and tips from experienced educators and global educational scientists for both students and teachers:

  • "You are good at working together! Keep it up!"
  • "Looks like your students are not getting enough sleep. Write a message to the parents encouraging them to pay more attention to this. Quite often it is their mobile phone that keeps students up late. You might want to tell the parents this and suggest that the students wouldn't keep their phones next to their beds when sleeping. Also building structure into school days helps time management. Remind students and parents that they should do homework right after school."

Let's Do It Together

We offer constant support to districts, schools, teachers and students. We send messages to students sharing information on how to pay more attention to their wellbeing. We also send messages to teachers making sure that they know how to get the most out of our service. Furthermore, we also organize a biannual wellbeing ambassador program for teachers in which they will get support from educational scientists on developing student wellbeing in their schools.

Together we can make students feel better and help them concentrate on learning. Send us a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know you're interested.

Annika Ruohonen

Specialist in Communication and Pedagogy

AI Modeling and Pedagogy

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