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We Believe in Empowering Education by Providing Data about Student Wellbeing


​Many schools around the world struggle with student wellbeing. How to help your students who are lonely, lack motivation, suffer from mental disorders or don't feel safe? 

There are many things schools could do to help their students, but they don't know which issues to tackle first. In the myriad of daily worries, it is sometimes difficult to see what is most urgent. 

Don't Lead Blindfolded 

A vast number of scientific research shows that student wellbeing is directly linked to academic achievement. In other words, learning doesn't happen without wellbeing.

We at School Day know that schools don't have to be led blindfolded. We want you to find out how students are really doing, and we have created a unique solution for finding out which areas of student wellbeing you should attend to first. 

Sometimes a small change can make a huge impact. For example, with the help of our service, one school found out that nobody greeted the students in the morning when they came to school. By making this small change, that school managed to make a significant change in their student wellbeing, create a better sense of community, and improve student motivation, which in turn enhances learning results.

Stop Putting out Fires

​Leading a school might sometimes feel like you are just putting out an endless series of fires. Your days are filled with managing situations and there is no time left for creating a solid plan to solve a real, burning issue about your students specifically. 

Often schools carry out wellbeing plans or strategies given to them from outside, hoping they will help their students in some way. A shot in the dark, some might say. But there isn't any other way to help. 

Data Saves Time 

​We believe that if schools have real-time data about their students' wellbeing, they can stop putting out fires and concentrate on real problems that will resolve issues in the long term. They will save a lot of time by being able to prioritize and efficiently focus on the issues that are in the way of learning. 

Our AI-backed solution collects anonymous student data daily for schools to utilize in decision-making. Students love learning, but it is our job to resolve the issues that are preventing them to do so.

To find out more, give us a call or send a message. We'd love to help you develop your school and make decisions based on facts. 

Sampo Lokki

Vice President, Sales
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