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Many educators are now wondering how to stay connected and continue teaching when schools are closed. 

  • How to instruct and support when students are studying remotely from their homes? 
  • Is there a way to care for the wellbeing of your students even when you don't see them? 

We think that there are two key components of teaching that need to be addressed even in special circumstances. 

Set Up A Digital Learning Environment

Set up your remote learning tools and channels. Does your school have Microsoft, or any other similar platform available for your students? If yes, you can find many different tools to support distance learning. 

You want to pay extra attention to the fluent sharing and organizing of material. 

  • Is it easy for your students to find and understand your instructions? 
  • Can they easily share their work and ideas with you?  
  • Do the students have a way to interact online?

When you have all this figured out, you can put all your energy into the content of your learning material and setting up a routine. 

Amplify Student Voice at Home

Even though you are all working from your homes, you should also monitor your students' wellbeing and stay connected with the them.

  • What are they good at even when working from home?
  • Are they missing each other? 
  • Are they lonely?
  • Do they have anxieties about coming back to school? 

We have just launched our School Day @Home 90-day trial service for teachers to stay up-to-date with your students' feelings about studying and their wellbeing. Sign up here.

You have the power to make them believe that they can manage even in these special circumstances. 

We can do this together! ❤️

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