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​School Day Wellbeing model relies heavily on research and continues to be developed with the help of educational and health scientists and professionals. Our collaboration with universities continued this month with two meetings, both of which add to previous work.

Helsinki University 

First we met with Professor Katariina Salmela-Aro from the University of Helsinki. Her research group focuses on social-emotional skills in learning, such as grit and school engagement. Together with her, Xin Tang (PhD) and Katja Upadhyaya (PhD) we discussed social and emotional factors in learning and how to best implement theory into School Day Wellbeing Model. 

We are all very excited about our approach to supporting student wellbeing and have many plans for the future development of our model. Science says students need to work on their wellbeing to learn better and our mission is to help them.

Tampere University 

We also met with Anne Konu (PhD) from Tampere University. She is the developer of the research-based evaluation tool for schools, the School Wellbeing Profile, which has been in active use since 2004 in Finnish schools. School Day Wellbeing Model relies heavily on her work, and we have developed it further in collaboration with her. 

Our aim to support student wellbeing together every day, not just once a year as it used to be. We couldn't be more grateful for all that she has done for the wellbeing of Finnish kids. Together with her we want to help even more schools globally. 

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