School Day Wellbeing

The School Day Wellbeing solution helps everyone in the school community to feel motivated and realize their full potential.


  • Wellbeing – Wellbeing surveys
  • Feedback
  • Channel – School wide communication
  • Chat – Own chat for the class



School Day Wellbeing includes several features in one solution.


Our research based solution gathers information about students’ wellbeing through surveys, provides wellbeing tips and recommendations. Answering is easy and instant.


A new way to provide feedback within school community. The application is easy to use, emphasizing positive feedback, gamification, and personal recognition.


A simple and safe communication channel for the school. The solution is an effective communication channel for the whole school community.


Create own groups and story boards for the whole school or within class. Turns traditional one-way communication into real-time discussion.

Benefits of Wellbeing?


Wellbeing – Motivation – Better Results

Numerous independent studies show that student wellbeing has a direct link to motivation, learning and learning results.

A school that praises student wellbeing encourages every child to reach their full potential.

School Day Wellbeing


“How are You?” – it is important to express to the whole school that everyone’s wellbeing is important. Problems cannot be solved unless they are seen. It is also beneficial to know when there are no problems. Feel the pulse of the school.


  • Students are able to tell how they feel.
  • Schools can have their own tailored wellbeing questions.
  • Improves transparency and strengthens the school community
  • Drives students to take care of their own wellbeing

School Day Stickers


“You were nice to me today” – Isn’t it funny, how a little act can brighten the day?


  • Give feedback easily and instantly
  • Increase the number of given feedback
  • Get more involvement in the classes
  • Enhance the school spirit through gamification

School Day Channel


“No-one gets bullied in our school!” – as adults we want to create a safe environment for our children, that’s why communication is important.


  • Create a safe environment for communication
  • Improve your school’s faculty communication
  • Provide your faculty a possibility to versatile communication
  • Easily reach the right persons with built-in groups

School Day Chat


“Remember to read the pages 21-22!” – There is a lot of internal communication needs in the class.


  • Create groups that everyone can join and discuss in
  • Safe environment to communicate
  • Get the students involved in discussion instead of the traditional one-way communication
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